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Welcome to Ali Baba’s Whole Foods Festival and Treasures, the heart of authentic multicultural whole food, organic food, fresh produce, fish, meat, cheese, pastries, gifts and more! Ali Baba’s is the largest and only privately owned supermarket in New Hampshire and is especially known for its high quality whole food from Local producers to from around the world!


“We want our customers to feel like family who are coming to dinner. “Our store provides healthy food from many corners of the world and the opportunity to taste the flavors of home (America) and faraway.”


Ali Baba’s Whole Foods Festival and Treasures is the ultimate destination to fulfill your nutritional needs and mouthwatering desires. Come, travel first class (without the costly airfare) and shop the world in a beautiful and thoughtfully designed market that is stenciled from floor to ceiling and lighted with Moroccan lanterns, creating a homey atmosphere. From our family to yours, we share in the celebration of buying and eating wholesome, high-flavor food.


Alibaba is a place for community, where people from all different cultures can come to eat, shop, socialize and experience the healthy, flavorful authentic foods.